Preschool Disability Support Program

Northcott administers the Preschool Disability Support Program (PDSP), which is funded by the NSW Department of Education.

The PDSP supports children with disability or additional needs in NSW community preschools. It replaced the Supporting Children with Additional Needs (SCAN) program, and the Intervention Support Program (ISP) for community preschools. 

Preschools can use PDSP funding for additional staffing, the purchase of specialised equipment, or training of preschool educators to support the educational inclusion of children with disability at their service. 

The PDSP can be broken down into four key elements:

The Universal Disability Loading

The new Universal Disability Loading provides funding to all preschools to support the educational inclusion of children with disability.

Child focused targeted support

Child focused targeted support provides funding to assist community preschools support individual children with disability or additional needs

Support for preschools

Northcott provides telephone and online support for metropolitan, regional and remote community preschools. This will include advice on applications, funding and how to access support, training and resources to help preschools improve educational outcomes for children with disability.

Scholarships for post-graduate study

Up to 20 scholarships for students undertaking post graduate studies in Special Education are offered annually as part of the PDSP. The scholarships aim to strengthen the capacity of the preschool workforce and cover the full cost of a Graduate Certificate or Master's program at approved universities.

Click here to visit the dedicated PDSP website and portal, or email for further information.

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